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Norwegian National Costumes

In Norway, it is common to wear the Bunad at various celebrations such as: folk dances, weddings, and especially on May 17th; National Day celebrations.

In recent years, its use has reached far outside folk dancing, folk music, and particular holidays. Accepted as proper gala attire, it is increasingly common to see people, and especially women, dressed in Bunad.

People tend to wear Bunads to festive celebrations such as anniversaries and birthdays, and for religious occasions including baptisms, confirmations and Christmas.

There are approximately 200 different Bunad outfits in Norway.

From the late 19th century until quite recently the image which was most commonly used to represent the Norwegian traditional rural dress in general was that of the Hardanger woman's bunad, but in more recent times this image is being increasingly superseded by that of the East Telemark woman's bunad.

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