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 Karina Design og Agenturer  A/S


This company was founded in 1982, by Goldsmith Karen M. Sleire, in Masfjorden, a small community north of Bergen.     The silver for the national costume of Bergen was designed by Karen’s father in 1975.  We are now producing this as well. We find it very inspiring to be in direct contact with our customers.  We have attended many different sales markets, among them the Norsk Høstfest in MinotND.  For the 10th time last  time.   This also gives the costumers a good opportunity to see the persons who design and produce the jewellery they are buying, which makes it all more personal. 

We find this inspiring, because the costumers tell us if they want something different, and we can often make it like they want it, right there and then.  They give us good ideas for new products. 

We design, produce and sell our own products.  Our main products are jewellery for the national costumes in Norway, and "everyday" jewelry made of filigree.


Karina Design & Agenturer A/S, Postboks 34, 5987 Hosteland, Norway.